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Thesauri are controlled vocabularies whose concepts are connected through relations. They build a systematic representation of domains. Thesauri are a generalisation of taxonomies; they are de facto polyhierarchies where a concept is related to its synonyms, broader or narrower concepts.

In the linked data space thesauri are ideally organized according to the SKOS model /skosdbp/. This allows for standard access / navigation to concepts and their interrelated concepts.

Some examples of thesauri can be found in /eurovoc/, /gettyaat/, /jurivoc/, and /stw/.

The use of thesauri in Enterprises empowers concept maintenance and allows for fast and precise search processes. A further use of thesauri is in the corpus analysis, where – starting from a text corpus and a thesaurus – relevant information on term frequency, distribution and potentially new concepts for the same thesaurus are computed. Furthermore thesauri allow in linked data spaces the precise interlinking between key concepts.

Semweb supports you in building, mantaining and operating taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies.

April 2016 Semweb deployed an online Thesaurus Service – SKOS Shuttle:


Benefit from this chance and get yourself an account:

Step 1 – Contact us to request your account
Step 2 – Define as many thesaurus projects as you need, from scratch or upon RDF import
Step 3 – Navigate or export the Thesaurus data in up to 6 RDF formats.

The essential view allow for quick use
The full view shows every detail
Advantages of SKOS Shuttle in a nutshell:
  • Uses internal but even external RDF repositories (e.g. Blazegraph™ or Stardog™)
  • Accesses securely all information (SSL/DIGEST)
  • Rights, Groups, User and Project Management
  • Powerful autocomplete in expert/essential mode
  • Any number of documents associable with every concept
  • Collaborative time zone concept
  • Historization of changes
  • Systematics Assistant helps you with different descriptor systems
  • Orphan Concept Analysis and direct “deorphanization” without SPARQL
  • RDF Triple editing – if necessary
  • RDF Import/Export in 6 formats
  • RESTful API for a complete, secured access to your thesauri

Find out more on SKOS Shuttle