semweb – Semantic Web and Expert Systems – Fabio Ricci

Fabio Ricci

Fr De
Graduate Computer Scientist (Dortmund Technical University)
Scientist, senior advisor, trouble-shooter, developer, system engineer, expert, coach, project leader, lecturer, and communicator

Computer scientist by vocation and passion.

At every stage of a project, communication skills are demanded from computer scientists in each role, but especially from those in leading positions. Communication skills influence, promote and make success possible. My natural, and through practice perfected talent for communication allows me to show my clients and teams the „big picture“ even in stressful situations and under a complex context, allowing them to reach their goals.

I am fluent in German, English, Italian and French and write and conceptualize in these languages. My theoretical background and strong tendency towards research have lead me to a fascination with one the most thrilling areas of knowledge that will prove to be the future of research and the economy: the semantic web.

Ontologies, Internet of Things, Web 2.0, Big Data or Industry 4.0 – all these terms describe a particular vision, data, associations and qualities. They also describe interdependent definitions and controlled correlations that lead to meaningful connections.

I am convinced that semantic web is currently only in it’s beginning stages, and by the end of 2020 will experience an unforeseen presence in every possible application.